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16 June 2007

Harbor Crisis Management and Response Portal

Nong Chen and Ajantha Dahanayake submitted a paper to ISCRAM2006 called "Personalized situation aware information retrieval and access for crisis response". [Login required, but its free.]

In it, they describe a prototype for a harbor crisis management and response portal that allows a user to register and input tasks and get information based on their role in the response. It relies heavily on web services (SOAP, UDDI) to connect the dots.

08 June 2007

disaster informatics

David Wild at the Indiana School of Informatics is specializing in disaster informatics.

David's website: http://www.informatics.indiana.edu/djwild/disaster/
A new email list: https://listserv.indiana.edu/cgi-bin/wa-iub.exe?A0=DISASTER-INFO-L

Sign up!

07 June 2007

api projects

the skeleton for the api projects is now in the svn repository on google code (see side bar for the link).

getting started

* use subclipse to connect to http://emcode.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
* check out the api-build project
* from the package explorer, right-click on projects/api-all.psf and select "Import project set" from the context menu

this will check out all of the api projects.

you will see the pattern easily:
* apis for hazards are named 'api-hazards-'
* apis for phases are named 'api-phases-'

it is anticipated that there will be more hazards added, but that the phases will remain mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover.

this packaging gives us a concrete framework for "all phases, all hazards"

the "common" packages or sub-packages are for convenience.

06 June 2007

welcome to emcode

call for participants

Are you a software developer? Do you want to contribute to the future of technology-based disaster management? Do you have application ideas for: logistics, decision support systems, web-based emergency operations centers, mitigation and business continuity software? Then join the emcode group and to get involved in our roadmap activity.

Join the group at http://groups.google.com/group/emcode
Email the group to sign up for access to the code base at Google Code http://code.google.com/p/emcode